Let's Get Busy for Texas!

Creativity, Fairness, and
Good Faith Consultation

are essential to getting anything done --in politics as well as life.  Our politics and society are being polarized and hindered because of mistrust, anger, despair, disappointment, and in too many cases, special interests, greed, and cynicism.

It's time to infuse the Texas State Legislature with fresh energy, fresh ideas, and a fresh start.  Republicans, Democrats, and independents have a lot of work to do in order to restore Texas to its rightful place of leadership --in education, in job creation, in civil rights, and in optimism about America's future.

Katherine Turner-Pearson is The Person to represent the interests, needs, and hopes of ALL the people of District 56 in Austin.

If you would like to host a meet-and-greet event so your friends, family, church or social organization can get to know Katherine and share your ideas and concerns, we would love to hear from you!  Please call or leave a message at (254) 776-2900 or email us at  ktp4texas@gmail.com


Running for office at the grass roots level is a daunting prospect for most people --the organizing, forming a campaign team, filing paperwork, coordinating with party officials and taking care of the legal require-ments is a time-consuming, gas-consuming prospect!  Katherine is determined to make it to Austin, however, and we hope you'll help by making a one-time or recurring contribution to the effort!



It's early in the mid-term campaign season, and the Katherine Turner-Pearson team is just beginning to gear up for a long march to November of 2018. 

We do expect, however, that there will be a lot of envelopes to stuff, a lot of phone calls to make, and a lot of neighborhood walks, campaign events, and other information and fund-raising activities to be planned.  So if you agree with Katherine's platform points, and are tired of the gridlock, special interests, and ideological purity that has been impeding Texas' progress into the 21st century, call us or drop us an email and let us know about it. 

We would love having you on our team!

Get In Touch With Katherine!

Application forms may be picked up at the following location:
Elections Administration Office
214 N 4th Street  Suite 300
Waco, TX 76701


Download and print an application:
Texas Voter Registration Application  (English)
Solicitud de registro electoral en Texas  (En Español)


Mail completed application to:
Kathy E. Van Wolfe
P.O. Box 2450
Waco, TX 76703-2450

If you think you're already registered to vote, but are unsure, you can check your status by clicking HERE.

Tel:  (254) 757-5043.

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