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Katherine Turner-Pearson is a third generation Wacoan with a lifelong history of volunteerism in

the Waco area.

She was born in Waco and raised in Woodway, where she attended Midway public schools.  Katherine attended Baylor University and received Bachelors of Arts degrees in both Journalism and Archaeology (2002).  She received a Master’s degree in Archaeology/Anthropology from Texas A&M University (2007).


Katherine is currently a Registered Professional Archaeologist and is the owner of Central Texas Archaeological Resources in Waco and an adjunct professor of Anthropology for local colleges. 


Katherine loves Waco and central Texas, and has the energy, personality, communication and problem-solving skills to represent your concerns in Austin!

Diligence    Determination
Accessibility    Integrity
Common Sense
LEADERSHIP  for Texas!

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From the NEWS

Katherine Turner Pearson, writing in the Waco Trib Herald on August 15th, 2019:  "Speak Out or Be Complicit!"

In October of 2018, the Waco Trib Herald gave Katherine an opportunity to talk about her ideas, policies, vision, and the reasons for her candidacy.  Check it out here!

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MESSAGE for 2020

"My promise to you when I get to Austin is that I will always look at both sides of a policy or argument,

and study all the parameters.  I will examine the issues from other per- spectives and see what I can learn from them ---because we must start

to listen, to understand each other, and realize that people who have different opinions are not evil, they are just seeing things from a different vantage point."

--Katherine Turner-Pearson

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Katherine Turner-Pearson subscribes to The Code of Fair Campaign Practices

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